SOLD (From EU) Custom damascus Blenheim Forge 150 utility knife

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade (Knife Only)' started by Matus, Jul 25, 2019.

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    When I “discovered” Blenheimforge guys they were just rolling out their first production knives. I liked their work and asked whether they would make a knife based on my design (blade profile - intended to be used as a salami & cheese knife - it works great for that). They said yes and soon we were on it. The blade is forged and welded by hand. The core is Aogami #2 and the damascus is from iron and nickel. But since I have later got a custom knife from BloodrootBlades for the same purpose, it is time to let this one go.

    EDIT (6th of August): German post does not offer anymore insurance with 'large letter' product and forces its customers to send items that need insurance as 'package'. This effectively means paying about 20€ more for effectively the same (just slower) service. This means that the price of the items as offered is shipped only within EU. Worldwide costs 20€ extra. I apologise for the inconvenience.

    Price: 250€ —> 200€ shipped within EU, worldwide costs 20€ extra.

    Payment: PayPal or wire transfer

    Blade length: 146 mm
    Blade height: 42 mm
    Spine thickness:
    - at the handle: 3.3 mm
    - half way towards the tip: 2.1 mm
    - 1 cm from the tip: 0.8
    Weight: 122 g
    Blade steel: Aogami#2 clad in nickel/iron damascus
    Handle: bog oak
    Balance point: Right in front of the handle (edge of the bolster)
    Left/Right: this is right-handed ground blade with some asymmetry, possibly usable, but not optimal for a lefty (even if the choil shot would not suggest that)

    Condition: the knife has been thinned by me and refinished only with a rust eraser, so the contrast is not super strong. Should the buyer be interested, than we can discuss refinishing. There is a local delamination in the damascus (see photos, some would say that it is a proof of hand forged damascus :p). It was there from the beginning and did not change over time.

    0059788D-3C7C-413E-A343-C74643C73FEE.jpeg C47D99D5-E431-4CE6-96B8-B62636777A24.jpeg 1D98830F-5CB0-44E4-8531-B3CD5D3BB932.jpeg 710F41B5-80A2-4A13-96F0-E6DAB9B6DD79.jpeg 0C00A387-46E9-435B-B546-D0246B3F1CAA.jpeg 88DF6E1B-D818-4233-8044-FC6D09291F6F.jpeg C6157617-6DAF-4D7B-9727-18496A2F6B6A.jpeg
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    Nov 14, 2015
    A really sweet design and what looks to be a solid performer on board. Sad as I am left dominant.
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    Please not that the international shipping was adjusted.
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    Price drop to 200€ plus shipping. I need to move this little one :)
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    Price drop 150€ plus buyer pays actual shipping. Let’s move this one to a new home :)
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