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Nov 27, 2011
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First up from this batch:
JCK Carbonext 27cm. About 1.5 years old. Rotated at work with a Sab carbon for 3 months of fairly heavy use (after which I got my Sugimoto) so still plenty life in it. Great knife, just a little boring in my opinion so it's just sat in the drawer for pretty much the last year. Some scuffs on the side from sharpening, sharpened about 90/10. Spine's a little sharp so could use some smoothing and there's a grey patina from about an inch in front of the bolster. paid $144, asking $100 USD.


Next, my sugimoto cm 27. Solid knife, about 220g, large handle, decent finish, spines a little sharp, choil is slightly smoothed on the right. Black of knife is flat (a la A-type gyuto). This was my main knife for about 5-6 months so it's been sharpened quite a few times and so it could probably use a little thinning to bring it back to full potential. Front and back are a little scuffed from sharpening and the ferrule is a little scratched. Length comes up a bit short. I don't have anything to measure it with, but from memory, it's closer to 26cm. I don't have a lot to compare it to steel wise, it can get sharp, holds it's edge better than the Hattori FH and can take a more acute angle IMO, I like it. As mentioned, it's not a laser, roughly 2.7mm at the heel with little taper until the last third. Bit of belly on it too, tip finishes fairly high compared to others out there. Paid $245, asking $180 USD.


Next, Takeshi Saji 27cm VG-10 gyuto w/ stag handle. Hesitant to sell this knife, but I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it, and my tastes have shifted away from damascus and "bling". Again, about 1.5 years old. Pretty much only used at home, used it a few time sin the kitchen at my last job, i feel it's too thin to be a primary in a commercial kitchen which is why it rarely got used, unless I had a lot of onions to cut. I spoke with Koki before ordering this, enquiring about the Saji range and he mentioned he had one 27cm gyuto which is was 2.2mm at the heel and about 280g (regular range were 2.4 and 370g) so I snapped it up. Thinnest knife I've every used, but still a decent amount of heft, mainly from the handle so if you like blade heavy knives, probably not for you. Flat profile, tip is awesome but could probably be rounded a little at the heel (find it's a little clunky at times), handle is very comfy IMO, narrow but tall. I've smoothed the damascus out with micro mesh pads as it was too rough before and causing drag, cuts very well now. Steel feels similar to hattori's FH series. Paid $350, asking $280 USD.


All items in Australia. Will ship overseas and I'll pay all shipping costs. Prices are firm, paypal prefered.



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Feb 4, 2012
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Good luck with sale, knew that Carbonext wouldn't last I was gonna try and get dibs on it.

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