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FS: Carter SFGZ deba 5.7sun

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Das HandleMeister
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Feb 28, 2011
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O.k., my car mechanic said I should sell a few knives so he can buy more booze. I'll offer a few, here is the first one:

Carter SFGZ deba, 5.7 sun, blue steel, double beveled, standard ho handle with horn ferrule. This is almost a collectors' item. I have only seen two of them, ever, Murray does not seem to make them very often. Only selling because I find I rarely use it and have more knives than cash. In fact, I have played around a bit and taken apart one T-day turkey in the past years with it, that's all. I think you could also cut down trees with it, but I haven't tried it out... $320 Shipped in the US.

deba_2.jpg deba_1.jpg

Oh, and for a total of $450 I will stick this koa handle on it, it's almost exactly the same size as the original handle: