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WTS Fujiwara FKM Petty, Lion Sabatier flex fillet knife

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May 2, 2019
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United Kingdom
Fujiwara FKM, Petty, 180mm, Japanese Chefs Knife, purchased 2022 GIFTED

Lion Sabatier, Flexible filleting knife, 150mm
, Knives and Tools, purchased 2022 GIFTED

Sakai Takayuki, Pankiri/Bread knife, 250mm
, The Sharp Chef, purchased 2019 $30 (incl shipping) SOLD

Gesshin Uraku, Gyuto, 240mm
, Japanese Knife Imports, purchased 2019 $160 (incl shipping) SOLD

Masakage Koishi, Bunka, 172mm
, Cutting Edge Knives, purchased 2019, £134 (incl shipping) SOLD

Fujiwara FKM, Honesuki, 150mm
, Japanese Chefs Knife, purchased 2022, £40 (incl shipping) SOLD
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Excellent straightforward fellow to deal with. Pleasure doing business. Thank you.