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SOLD Fujiyama, Kamimura, Stelter.

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Feb 27, 2022
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Victoria, Canada
On offer today I have the following

Konosuke 240mm Fujiyama Blue #1 BNIB
Neil Kamimura 230mm Chef Knife Used

Will Stelter 75mm Paring Knife BNIB

I’ve decided to offer up some of my more special pieces as trade/partial trade + cash for the following knives. If nothing I am looking for is offered, I will be selling them in a week or so as I essentially have duplicates of all these in my collection so they are a bit redundant. I’m not interested in any other knives at this time and will not be responding to messages to purchase for cash at this time.

Maumasi Chef
Comet Gyuto
Laseur Cleaver (diamond pattern handle)
River Jump Gyuto
Shigefusa Kitaeji Gyuto
Ashi Honyaki Petty
Kato Damascus Gyuto

All photos are taken in outdoor lightly overcast lighting with no editing to give you the most accurate image of these knives possible. The only exception is the last shot of the Kamimura where I dropped the highlights to show the scratch marks on the blade.

This is my first WTT trade post here on KKF so if I am doing anything wrong, either violating the rules or the normal way things are done, please let me know so I can rectify it.

Konosuke 240 Fujiyama Blue #1

Not much to say about this one. Purchased in the May Tosho drop when I didn’t have a Kaiju (things have changed!). The only thing I will mention that’s different about this Fujiyama is it has the nicest handle I’ve ever seen. Ebony with silver spacer and double marble buffalo horn. Really quite spectacular.

Knife is BNIB

Length: 240mm
Total Length: 384mm
Height: 51.7mm
Thickness at heel: 2.7mm
Weight: 194g



Neil Kamimura 230mm Chef Knife

The first of my more special pieces is my Kamimura chef. It is 1084 mono steel with an ancient bog oak and brass handle. I’ve tidied up the patina on this knife as I have used it quite a bit, but didn’t remove all of the little scratches. This is for two reasons. The first is that I’ve never really done that before so I don’t want to mess it up. The second is that I actually think a lot of the value in this knife is that it needs a touch-up. Having a Kamimura knife means you can contact him to have it touched up and open a dialogue with him. Other than his newsletter drops, he does not sell to anyone unless you already own one of his knives. So you can use this knife to purchase and possibly commission other knives, This knife has allowed me to open a dialogue with him and therefore buy other Kamimura knives. In addition, he doesn’t sell his newsletter knives outside of the states, so if you live outside of the US like me, this is the only way I know of to get his work.

Knife is used, with majority of patina removed, never sharpened.

Length: 230mm
Total Length: 381mm
Height: 55mm
Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.6mm
Midpoint Thickness at Heel: 3.8mm
Weight: 315g





Will Stelter 75mm Paring Knife

My last and easily rarest piece is my Will Stelter Paring knife from his Journeysmith set which he changed out last minute for a little integral utility knife. I purchased this knife as a set with the matching chef knife which won best chef knife at Blade Show 2022 (no I will not trade the chef for anything listed above). I own a lot of knives from a lot of well known makers and the fit and finish on this is the absolute best. Honestly flawless. Which I guess is what you get when you purchase a knife from somebody’s Journeysmith test set. The knife is 1085 carbon steel with a hand finished satin finish. The handle is African Blackwood with a brass heirloom fit bolster. Comes with Certificate of authenticity which includes extremely detailed information about the knife and maker.

Length: 75mm
Total Length: 175mm
Height: 26mm
Thickness at heel: 1.7mm
Weight: 35g



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