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Apr 13, 2022
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Western Australia
Thanks KKF, what a ripper sight - This place has helped me in so many ways, from sharpening tips, re-handling, metallurgy etc etc - what a great wealth of knowledge all here in one place. Big two thumbs up to all the posters that continually contribute with knowledge, experience and humor.

Little about myself, have collected and used knives since my father first gave me a pocket knife when i was 6.
Nearly 50 years later, I still have a love of sharpened steal. As a hobby, I get a buzz from building blanks into functional knives, really enjoy the shaping and sourcing of exotic woods to make one offs. All are given away to friends and family as gifts. Currently working on a couple of Ibuki blanks, a 150 mm petty that am making for my 10 year old son who helps out in the kitchen prep, and a Nakiri for myself, to replace an old Tojiro that is getting to the end of its well serviced life. If anyone has any first hand feedback on these blanks and how the steal performs ( edge retention etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

Have predominately used Arkansas stones, diamond stones, some ceramic V rods and the occasional 1'x30' belt grinder to sharpen. My preference has always been free hand sharpening, there is a therapeutic enjoyment in killing time on a stone. Thanks to this sight, just picked up some Shapton Pros in 320, 1000, 2000 and 5000. As an intro into Japanese stones, these are amazing and the results are far better than I have previously achieved, especially in edge sharpness and retention.

Have a feeling that stumbling across this sight is going to be very taxing on my CC.

Cheers and thanks again.
G'day Stockie and welcome to the forums.

Which part of WA are you from?

Given your monniker, are you in to horses as well as knives?
Gday Nemo,

City based these days, Northern burbs - but do have an escape rural property in the Ferguson Valley in the South West where I do occasionally saddle up.
"Stockman" is probably more related these day to my interests , Country lifestyle, the outdoors, RM Williams boots and the Racetrack.
Its also a moniker for my main interest, the Stock Market.
Spent a year in Perth a couple of decades ago. Amazing climate.

SW WA is one of my favourite spots. Especially the Karri forests. Beaches are ptetty nice too.

I keep thinking about getting some RMs.

Moved to the bush myself a decade and a half ago seeking a country lifestyle.

What kind of horse do you ride?

Which steel are you using for your blanks? Who heat treated it?
SW WA is the place to be, beats the heck out of city life.
Have a couple of retired trotters on the property, they are just old mates now that I saved from the glue factory. One is good to ride, the other is a little too cranky with a saddle on its back. These days though at 100 kgs on the lie detector, I think my Stockman riding days are over.
Have picked up a few different blanks over the years, some good, some rubish. I will try to post a couple of pics of some of the pieces, but I am still a complete amateur at this, but enjoy the hobby.
sm DMS Horn.JPG
sm Jes BIM.jpg
The only standardbread we had was really cranky but I think most of them are much easier to get on with.

Some nice looking blades you have fashioned there.
Thank you sir.

Currently working on my first Wa handle to go on an Ibuki petty blank ( Blue#2 @64-65 with stainless clad).
Will be using Jarrah burl and Ancient Red Gum ( 4000 years old ).
Have picked up so many useful tips on how to do this from this site, will be using the split dowel technique - fingers crossed it will all come together well.

SW home when not on the tools.

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