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SOLD Gesshin 6k resinoid (blue speckle) & Morihei 9k "karasu"

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probably up too late sharpening again
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Dec 15, 2017
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Both used fairly minimally and easily have 90%+ of their life left. Both have been soaking and I will ship vacuum sealed to prevent issues with drying / cracking in transit. Will also ship with original boxes. Great stones, but I have a few dozen naturals around I'd rather use most of the time.

The Gesshin 6k is a fantastic stone that is just about ideal in terms of synths for both edge finishing and pre-polishing for naturals. It's fast, feels great, and very consistent. Best used as a soaker IMO. The Morihei 9k is has those same attributes but is just that next level finer. Will take core steel to a mirror (small scratches still there on very close inspection) and leaves a nice finish thanks to the natural stone powder that is mixed into the stone. I've really enjoyed this one a lot after soaking and would happily recommend you use it as a soaker as well.

Asking $135 shipped in the US for the pair, happy to ship abroad but we will need to work something out on cost
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