Glestain and onions. Just a few photos.

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Mar 4, 2011
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I know that the effectiveness of kullens on a knife has come up from time to time, and usually the consensus is that they don't do jack sh!t, unless..... you've got a glestain in your hands, and even then the usefullness is debated. Well, I've been using a glestain as one of my all rounder knives for about two years now, and in my experience the kullens paired with the extreme convexity of the face grind do wonders for food release. I snapped a few pictures of some diced red onions for sh!ts n' giggles and figured that I'd share.



Have to say that is pretty good if you did that without holding the onions down.
nothing more than the usual "claw"... just diced and slid to the side and out of the way.
I saw a segment of "America's Test Kitchen" once where the Glestain was picked as the clear winner over a few Germans. Always found them interesting.
Do you think the kullens on this knife being so close to the edge will shorten the knife's life. I mean would this knife be used up anyway by the time sharpening brought the edge into the kullens?
I think that for most the kullens would shorten the life of the knife. without significant grinding I would imagine that it would become more difficult to sharpen, though not impossible, once you hit the bottoms of the kullens. That being said I've used this knife a lot, and sharpened it a lot in two years. it's still got years of life left in it.
Glad you put this up. I've been thinking about doing my first vid on and off ever since I saw Salty post a butternut squash cutting vid. That day, I did a butternut with my glestain and looking at it, you could have easily put the squash back together with every piece in the correct spot. Same thing with potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.
Nice Dice Tinh, I always did find Glestains cool looking. Plus I hear that they are really good workhorse knives, tough and they get sharp.
That's weird. Every Glestain I ever saw had the kullens on the right side of the blade. Do they make left handers too?
Yup. It just costs more. I didn't realize some of them had kullens on both sides.
The kullens are only on the left side on this knife. It's for the odd ball lefty.
On my slicer they are on both sides.


AJ, i just scoured google for double-sided glestain knives and came up empty handed. I was fortunate enough to read all the way to the last post of this thread! I really want to pick up a nice Glestain gyuto knife for the gf and I. Only problem is she is left-handed and i am right-handed! I searched the forums for posts by you, but could not identify what make/model of "double sided glestain" knives you had. Please post info on these! Thanks!