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Feb 28, 2011
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Because we're soooooo cool (read:dorky), we're always staying on top of the newest google developments. Recently, google announced the launch of their "+1" buttons. Its pretty much google's version of the facebook "like" button, except its EVERYWHERE. You can read about it here:

Anyways, we've just added a "+1" button to our website... on the right hand side menu, just under RSS Feeds. So, if you like us (and i know it can be a stretch sometimes ;) ), stop by and +1 us.



Plus one to you! hoora!

now back to finding funds for that single bevel petty!
Speaking of Google, what does it take to get JKI to the top of a search result? I did a search for "Japanese knives" and JKI came up under a Starred results subheading, but as an actual listed link, it was found at the bottom of the second page.
I'll totally +1 you... Right after you send me an invite :D
i actually have google plus too, but +1 is different

anyways, PM me with your e-mail and i'll shoot over an invite
Plussed one on you... Funny, I was researching that thing earlier today.
its an interesting thing... i was going to ignore it until it showed up on my webmaster tools dashboard. then i figured, "why not?"
Same here :) Showed up on webmaster tools. Now I have to code seamlessly into existing stuff...