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Jun 1, 2022
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Dear KKF members,

I am an avid foodie who recently decided to pursue more seriousness in the kitchen, and knife is perhaps the most important tool in the kitchen. I currently have a Shirogami-3 240mm Mt. Fuji Honyaki Gyuto by Ikeda Yoshikazu, a couple of collections from Yu Kurosaki, a Sakai Takayuki Kiritsuke Yanagiba Shirogami-1 by Kenji Togashi and a Sakai Takayuki Kurouchi Gyuto by Itsuo Doi.

I'm looking forward to learn and exchange more experiences in the forum!
Welcome! Just moved away from Seattle after six years living there. What a fun place to live; the Asian food available is incredible and I learned a ton about Indian cooking from my neighbors.
I know that Georgia is very different from the PNW! I definitely missed the soul food from the south!
That’s certainly an advantage! I’ll never be at a loss for fried chicken and collard greens again.
Welcome fellow Seattleite. I am a native and grew up on the North end of Lake Washington. This is a great site and I really appreciate the people here who are from all over the 🌎 world. People are here for many different reasons which is what makes it so great. I make kitchen knives as a hobby myself but many here are chefs, knife collectors, professional knife makers and just plain knife enthusiasts. Enjoy!