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    Mar 23, 2015
    Oxford, MA
    Hi , Im a knifemaker from Oxford, MA , I grew up in New Jersey. Ive been making kitchen knives since 2012 and been slowly, very slowly learning how to cook. Its become my favorite hobby and much of what Ive learned has been through knife forums and talking with customers etc. Ive been a member/lurker here for awhile but was never comfortable to post much since I didnt have a paying membership. But I do now!
    Im a big fan of shibata and harukaze knives, Ive also used a handful of handmade kitchen knives from various fellow makers. I do want to grab myself a Takeda at some point and Ive relentlessly "studied" the masamoto KS knife and its lovely geometry. I think Ive made a kitchen knife about 50 different ways at this point and kinda settling on my own preferences. Anyways, thanks for indulging my rant and I look forward to sharing more about food and knives with you all.
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