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Mar 7, 2011
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Dave is the MAN.

Warren told me the news. Good Luck Dave.
Hello Warren,

Knives sharp? HA!!

On the food front, I couple of months back I made some scratch Ketchup. Ever done that? We are working to eliminate all the corn syrup in our diet. Not hard, mostly tomatoes and sugar with vinegar, salt, and some spices. We cut the sugar. Real tomato flavor. Not much left.

Corn syrup has some nasty side effects and adds some interesting aftertastes. Go get a coke bottled in Mexico (cane sugar) and a local coke (check the label and make sure it has corn syrup) DO a side by side. You WILL taste the difference. It has made us feel better.

The other thing is we are using cane sugar exclusively. Mostly from FL, some Natural Turbonado Sugar. No white sugar, it tastes burnt now (we assume from the processing). Completely off the artificial sweeteners. We have moved to as natural a diet as we can eat. Heck, I have even quit drinking.

Of course, being from Alabama and not Jewish I do have my daily allowance of pork!!
It has cut my appetite some.

Please note, we are not going granola or anything. Just limiting the processed foods. As much as I have been traveling, processed foods are not my friend.
This all started with my son who is in med school. It was his suggestion. Honestly it has sharpened my palette some. We quit fast food 5 years ago.

Back years ago, outside of pecan pie we didn't consume much corn syrup. Because of the corn lobby, it is much more cost effective to sweeten foods with corn syrup than sugar.
+1 on the homemade catsup! It is way better than from a bottle, and you can customize it!