Happy Fathers Day Gang

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Cheers and right back at’cha!

I’m cooking something ambitious for me: pork shoulder “al pastor”. The taquería that had me fall in love with this meat either changed their recipe or … something, but that small bright note of clove is gone. So I’m trying to reverse-engineer it.
The marinade when I filled the loaf pans was finger-lickin awesome.

Knife is a doctored Hatsukokoro Yoake. Note no-bs meat mallet.

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My 8y old son made me a recipe book for deserts, all by his own imagination....really inventive too!

Great names and some sincerely good combinations when you get into the head of an 8 y old!

for example;

Sushi roll made of a thin(!) pancake, smeared with strawberry jam and rolled around a banana

Pizaaaah (his name) made from waffles cut into triangles, dipped in chocolate laden with raspberry jam and whipped cream as cheese.

French fries made of spunge cake, served with whipped cream (mayonaise) and strawberry jam (ketchup)
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We’re headed to spend the day with some friends and their family. We were asked to bring dessert and salad so two of each. My trust kale salad, peanut butter cake (aka funeral bars), and Snickers “salad”

Supposed to hit 95 today so hopefully we have shade.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here at KKF.

Fishing and AA affiliate of the Washington Nationals, Harrisburg Senators. For the baseball degenerates; Dylan Crews seems to be a fantastic base runner. He stole a couple bases last night.

Once the sun goes down, the mayflies come out 👎🏾.

I had lunch with my dad and sister, today.
(At my age, it’s really the day’s meal.)
Mulita al pastor
(following an apéritif of salmon sashimi and wasabi).
“Salsa gringa” (onion sliced then minced fine, bound with a 50/50 of Taco Bell “hot” and Texas Pete.
Tortilla chips fried here with some salsa roja from a local spot — it’s probably listed under the Geneva Accords. Excitement tomorrow guaranteed!
A nice young soft-shouldered Sonoma pinot “pulls the whole room together, Dude.”

Hatsukokoro Shirasagi sakimaru 300

Now we’re at Bass Pro. He wants to buy me lures and bait. And I guess get my license. His uncle has given him a wealth of knowledge he’s passing on. He’s learned a lot. A lot a lot. View attachment 328977
Dangerously cute kid.

(tangent: those scissors look like just the thing back when I was growing my own wacky terbacky.)
Not much for Fathers Day around my house. My son did a sleepover last night with a friend who is moving across country in a few days, and an hour after he got home this morning my mom showed up to take him to stay with her for a few days out in the country. But my wife did take me out for a good dinner at a local Italian/ Sicilian place. And last Friday I played hooky from work and hung out at home in the morning, and took my son to see Argentina and Guatemala play at FedEx field. He got to see Messi play live, and we had an absolute blast.

Arturo Fuente Añejo 60 (sort of a short Churchill), nip of Aberlour single 12, and half a cone of Space Monkey.

The cigar intimidated me because of its rating as strong. But the talent behind this stick made for a smooth tasty smoke. An instance of expensive = for a reason.