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SOLD Hatsukokoro Inazuma AS iron-clad 240mm

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Dazed & Confused
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Dec 31, 2020
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Asking $275 USD for this Hatsukokoro Inazuma (tr: “lightning”) in Aogami Super clad with soft iron. CONUS shipping included, along with original box.

Weight: 189g
Cutting edge length: 9 3/8” by my measuring tape, about 238mm
Spine measurements: 3.0mm at ferrule, 2.3mm above choil, 1.8mm midway, 1.3mm 1” from tip
Handle: custom from RealSharpKnife. I think Tamarind and something else I can’t recall

I’ve only used this knife a few times, mainly because I generally stick with shorter gyutos so it’s been gathering dust for months. I’ve touched up the edge lightly on a 4k stone at 15dps a couple times. I mainly cut proteins in order to develop a blue patina, which worked really well IMHO - as you can see in the pics the damascus has taken a really stunning, subtle blue patina that doesn’t even look like patina until you notice the lighter, more silver-colored original kasumi near the heel.

The blacksmith for the Inazuma is kept secret, but is generally believed to be Tomoo Matsumura who runs Tojiro Atelier. Tojiro Atelier is a “luxury” branch of Tojiro where one blacksmith works on a blade from start to finish. Matsumura trained with Kazuomi Yamamoto of Yoshikane, hence the similaties to Yoshikane in the overall look and grind.

The Inazuma has all the bling - nashiji, tsuchime, kurouchi, kasumi, damascus, and a mirror-polished core. It sounds crazy, but in photos and in person it all works really well. Kanji also looks hand-chiseled.