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WTS Hattori KD - Full Set

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Dec 12, 2011
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The time has come to let a full set of Hattori KDs go and find a new home.
Needless to say that those are beautiful pieces of functional art that sparked the J-Knife passion - and unicorn hunting - in many of us.
As far as I am aware this set is one of a kind - a full set of all six available knife profiles of Hattori KDs.
Additionally, those are of the limited "San-Edition", which was released to celebrate the 80th Birthday of the famed smith.

Hattori KD - San Edition - 135mm Petty: USD 1600 1465
Hattori KD - San Edition - 150mm Petty: USD 1850 1690
Hattori KD - San Edition - 180mm Santoku: USD 3150 2885
Hattori KD - San Edition - 210mm Gyuto: USD 4500
Hattori KD - San Edition - 240mm Gyuto: USD 5150
Hattori KD - San Edition - 270mm Gyuto: USD 5750
Prices include PP Fees. International shipping (I am based in Europe) will be in addition due to the personal preference of buyers and the worth of the knives.

The knives are of course all BNIB. Additional pictures can be sent via PM.
There is one condition for the sale: I am only selling all of the knives simultaneously. If that will not work out I am happy to keep them.
I would love to see the set stay together in one piece, hence end up at a trusted fellow collector.
However, given that a buyer for all of the knives might be challenging to find, I would propose a "club-deal":
I am happy to collect interest by individual buyers for one or more of the knives.
As soon as I have firm interest for all six of the knives I will sell the full set.


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If one of the owners of the small KD paring knife - which was produced in late 2008 - is reading this I would be grateful to have a conversation via PM, I am also open for a partial trade for that knife
Price drop on the non-gyuto profiles.
Happy to discuss combo deals.
Is there 210 still available? I’ma longtime member.