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Apr 20, 2011
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I'm a relatively new knife addict. Unfortunately, my new addiction and my bank account don't really get along.

I'm currently a sous chef for a corporate dining facility for State Farm in Austin, Texas. We do about 600-800 people a day but the food is a little boring. I've been here for too long and due to a recent management company change am in the midst of looking for a more exciting job. In my short years cooking I've done fine dining, country club, cafeteria, and catering work.

Started with a culinary school Messermeister set, but quickly realized it was not accomplishing what I wanted it to accomplish. Moved on to a Global 8" and have since realized the error of my ways. I first purchased a Misono UX-10 Gyuto 240 but it was stolen at work. Moved on to a Hattori FH 240 and like it a little better in my hands. I also have a Togiharu 165 Nakiri and am surprised at how well it performs. It will hold an edge that rivals my Hattori and I use them about equally. I quickly realized my 1000/6000 stone was not cutting it and purchased an Edge Pro with the Chosera stone addition. Now my knives are unstoppable.

Future short term plans include a Honesuki and a Wa-Deba for my first Japanese handled blade as well as a job that will require the constant use of both. I'm pretty proficient with both but haven't had a job requiring them since my voyage to the sharp side.

Love this forum so far. It's my favorite for expert advice for noob expert sharpeners. I hope it will lead me to the path of deburring and stropping equipment. Also researching microbevels extensively before I do my first.

I'm the kind of guy that has no money to spare so I do at least 6 months of research before I decide to buy a new blade or equipment for them.

As a relatively long time lurker I's like to thank all of you for the expert advice you did not know you were giving.

Happy Cutting!


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May 4, 2011
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Unfortunately, my new addiction and my bank account don't really get along.

Uh oh, sounds like you're starting off in the deep end! We all pretty much suffer from that same malady :whistling: