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    Hello, here's some info about me, probably more than you wanted to know :D

    My name is Harbeer Chahal and I’m a full time maker in Clarkdale AZ, about 25 mins from Sedona AZ. My training and experience is in Japanese laminated steels with high carbon steel cores.

    My background is in manufacturing engineering and operations management. Years ago I was an autoCAD draftsman, CAD/CAM programmer and managed aerospace CNC machine shops as well as ISO 9000/AS9100 quality management. I’ve also owned and operated auto collision shops for a few years.

    I began this journey into knife-making buying buying/selling/collecting custom knives. With help from a few makers in 2015 I gained the confidence to try my own hand at this craft. I'm grateful to several Masters I’ve learned from for their guidance and most important, their time and knowledge. I’ve traveled the country learning from them.

    Specifically I’m a student of Murray Carter, I spent a total of 9 days in his shop learning bladesmithing. I learned handles and guards from James Rodebaugh and slipjoints from Mike Vagnino.

    I was born in London England, have lived in India as a small child, Toronto CA and most of my life in the Los Angeles area. Almost a year ago I moved to the Verde Vally area of Arizona. A small town where life seems much simpler. I have 2 kids, 22 and 16

    I appreciate high carbon steels. They can take a keen edge well, are easy to sharpen and age with character. My goal is to make the customer a high quality knife that they enjoy using. I forge and heat treat each blade myself in my shop. The heat treat process is what I enjoy the most.

    In a world where things are "made to sell" versus "made to last", a handmade knife takes us back to the time when there was real craftsmanship and pride in producing a useful tool. I enjoy cooking regularly and make high quality kitchen knives. My knives have a thin hard edge and are known for being very sharp.

    Building a quality handmade knife that works well is not easy. It takes learned skill and patience. The work can be difficult and tiring but it's also feels very rewarding to me. Most rewarding is when the customer is happy with your work.

    On a personal level I like to play golf, practice simple yoga stretching, hike, and ride my Triumph Speed Triple. I travel back and forth to France

    I don’t make high production and try to split my months work into half the time kitchen knives, and the other half slip joint folders.

    What is my maker’s mark? My full name is Harbeer Singh Chahal, I have the same initials as my older brother and father, so I went with HSC /// Knives.

    Most of my work can be seen on my IG - https://www.instagram.com/hsc3.knives

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    Greetings and welcome!

    Can you talk specifically about your grind? Convex, S, etc. Also interested in your thoughts on asymmetry?

    Which steels do you currently use?
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    Welcome aboard, Harbeer!
  4. HSC /// Knives

    HSC /// Knives Professional Craftsman

    In general I prefer a flat grind, usually full. This allows for easier future thinning, and refurbishing of blades as required.
    My blades do have a slight convex at the edge . I try to make sure the my thickness behind the edge is about .005.
    Beyond this I don't vary in my grinds. Different grinds and asymmetry have their place but it's not something I get into.

    I try to pay close attention to the forging and heat treating, make sure the blade is as thin as possible, and lastly I check to see how it passes through food.

    At this time I work with primarily laminated steel,

    1) Hitachi white core and stainless cladding
    2) 22 layer Suminagashi laminated with Takefu white core, mild cladding.
    3) 1095
    4) 1084
    5) Damasteel for slipjoint folders
    6) AEB-L , not very often but am doing a run in the next couple of weeks, HT to be done with my friend Tim Wright.

    I have some 52100 but haven't got into it yet.


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