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Jun 16, 2022
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I know this forum since quite a long time now, I mean a few years, since I keep myself occupied with sharpening and jnats collection!
I am fond of watching and collecting beautiful stones, especially jnats.
I have sharpened a huge amount of razors, and since 2 years now, I also sharpen knifes. I mean my knifes, which, besides being poor quality knifes, are very also unpleasant to see for a knife lover.
The truth is I am still learnig how to sharpen very well a knife!

And I am glad to join this community, and apologize in advance for my poor english. I am desperately monolingual!
Welcome! I hope you are doing well in France. I hear inflation over there is even worse than in the USA right now. At times I wish I was there to hit thrift stores and weekend markets where I could find neglected carbon "French pattern" chef's knives and copper pans. However, with my meager budget, I would likely be living in poverty over there and be unable to buy much, if anything.

Regarding your English skills, they are much better than my French! I doubt I can speak or write a single sentence in French that would make any sense even with help from Google that isn't just a 'cut and paste'. The USA is really bad at teaching any foreign languages in public schools when most are able to pick them up pretty easily.
Welcome to the forum and greetings to France!

Don't worry about the lack of language skills, I sometimes use the google translator and that works quite well.

Collectors of beautiful stones are always welcome here!!!!

You seem to have plenty of experience sharpening Razorn. that's a good basis. Now all you have to do is figure out the differences in sharpening a kitchen knife, we'll do it!

I now divide sharpening into several "disciplines", for example razors, kitchen knives, pocket knives (which are actually used in everyday life), etc. Each "discipline" has its own particularities, you have to learn to rethink things. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy!