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The hekler

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Sep 12, 2011
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I need some help spending some money, I've been spending a little too much time here on KKF which has resulted in me deciding I need a new knife. As I am new I only have a couple high end knives, a 300mm Shigefusa yanagi and a 180mm Shigefusa gyuto. As I flesh out my collection I'm sure the 180mm gyuto will take the place of a petty as eventually I will purchase a 240mm gyuto. I am looking for a knife to complement the two I already have and have three I am interested in but as always am open to suggestions. The first is a 195mm Shigefusa usuba from Hide's imports. One benefit is that it would match the other two knives I have which is somewhat important to me but is not a deal breaker if I select one of the other two. The second knife I'm considering is one of Delbert Early's pre-order 240mm gyuto available in either 0-1 or AEB-L, I don't know the benefits of one steel versus the other so I would be open to suggestions if I went this route. I really love the profile of the blade and would like the opportunity to get in on something special. The last option is to get in on the second run by Dave Martell again a 240mm gyuto in O-1. I really like the tip of this knife and if it matches others I have seen the handle will be top notch. As I said if I select one of the 240mm gyutos I will still be able to use my 180mm gyuto as a petty so either way I am not worried about doubling up on gyutos. I havent yet heard back from Hide but I would guess all three knives would be around the same price. I would love to hear from anyone who already owns one of Early's or Martell's especially if someone has handled both. I am also open to suggestions of other knives I was considering a deba but as I don't break down a lot of protein I am not sure if I would use it enough to make it worth purchasing at this point. Thanks guys!

Andrew H

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Apr 1, 2011
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I would suggest going the gyuto route over an usuba. The gyuto (especially since you don't have anything bigger than a 180 in a chef's knife style) will get far more use in your kitchen.


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Feb 28, 2011
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I haven't actually put my hands on a Martell knife BUT I would guess an Ealy is going to be more substantial feeling, although it is not a thick knife by any standard. As far as which steel to pick, I'd go with O1 unless you want something stainless. Carbon steel in general (and Del's 01 specifically) is so easy to get screaming sharp.