Hi Everyone- Especially my honey Dave!

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Apr 4, 2011
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Just thought I would pop in (giggle) and say congratulations on 500 members!

Its a good thing!

Welcome Rachael! Thanks for your good wishes!
Rachel came swingin that mighty
I saw this earlier, and I couldn't believe it! Is this for real?
My computer security guru traced back "Rachel's" post to this guy:

Hey... be nice :viking:

Thank you for the warm welcome boys, :cook:
Where's the 'booty' pic; I LOVED that 'booty' pic :eek2:
Hey Rach, remember when I shot this one of you? What a day that was! :eek:vg:


PS - Love that sig line! :wink:
I'm not such a big fan of R., but cheesecake sounds like a great idea, I gotta get out of the office now... :eek:uttahere:

Nah I don't think it's really my love...bummer. :(

Daaaaaaaave, now I am hurt. I guess I should have mentioned that one of the men on this forum was working in my NYC studio we started chatting and talking Knives and he mentioned what a great fan you were and I thought I would pop on in and say hello! (giggle) ( he helped me register, thanks JR!) I am a little surprised at some of the gross photos.... YUCK!. I travel a lot and I have down time, it's always fun to check in with my fans. To keep up with me you all are welcome to join my mailing lists> http://www.rachaelraymag.com/hear-from-us/newsletters?trkid=nav
I am very interested in some of the knives you men are talking about, I may want to try some, where is a good place to buy a few?

Busy busy with my upcoming promo tour for the show and the new cookbook. Oh...If you boys have any questions on cooking ask away!

Take care Dave!
Rach, you should come on down to PA, maybe we can get you to shuck some corn again? :biggrin2:

Got to love this tread Dave it will become a classic for sure. :lol2:
Is she choking her chicken no that's a rooster so she choking her co#$
oh never mind here is a pic