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Jun 10, 2022
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Glad to join this board to chat with everyone with mutual hobbies.

I got into decent kitchen knives a few years ago when I bought a Dalstrong kiritsuke. I used that for quite a bit until it needing sharpening then I needed a stone….. so that was how I found the entrance to your rabbit hole.

I have several knives and stones now. Most I bought as just blades from IbukiBlades and I made a handle for them with hard wood scales bought from Amazon. I’m mostly content with my collection so the buying fever has cooled down a little. I’m still holding out for one more custom made knife. I’m hoping that magnacut becomes more commonly available in the not too distant future.

I also bought two vintage straight razors recently. Sharpened to what I thought was good and tried them. Did not turn out well. At all. I need some more practice and a finishing stone. I’m going out looking for Japanese naturals. Apparently they’re all over the place here.

Here is a pic of my hard Ark.