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SOLD HSC/// Gyuto 265

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Bico Doce

aka Big Dice / Bocce Ballz / Big Douche
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I would like to sell my HSC/// gyuto. I won this in a raffle last year and it has been a go to for me over the last 6 months. It has been sharpened, thinned a bit and has had the handle just refinished. It is a is very comfortable, has a great forward balance and is a wonderful introduction to Harbeer's work. It is thin behind the edge but feels stout enough to take a beating and not flinch. It has developed a beautiful patina but I could remove upon request. It takes a mean edge and is very easy to maintain. The finish has a wonderful rustic quality that allows you feel like you can put it to work without fear of ruining the aesthetic.

Here are the specs:

Edge length: 265 mm
Height: 56 mm
Weight: 250 grams
Handle: pomele sapele and ebony wood, red spacer
Hrc: 63
Steel: 26c3, iron cladding

While I wont be listing it for the cost of the raffle entry, I would like to pass it on for a very good price (I guess you can add me to the flipper thread technically)
Asking: $350 shipped and insured in the US






I feel like this price is fair, considering everything.

I’m glad you didn’t win a suji