I need something at 1 micron

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Eamon Burke

Mar 5, 2011
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So I'm making some purchasing decisions, but I need something at 1 micron. I wanted to buy the Boron Carbide paste at 1 micron, but it is out of stock at CKTG, and I can't find anyone else who sells it. I am attracted to the paste because it is cheap! Cheaper than a 15k stone anyways, and I don't have enough money in the budget to buy a 1 micron stone.

Got any suggestions of where I can get some? Don't care if it's paste, spray, poly, mono, whatever. I have .5 CrO that I enjoy, and I want to put another step in there to save me some time.
1 micron stone will be in the 8k range not 15k.
How about 1 micron Diamond spray?
I'll def check that paper out!

Dave, that link is bookmarked. So much to choose from!

And also, I know it's around 8k. For some. A Shapton Pro 15k is .98 micron. That's why I don't both with grit sizes anymore, only microns.