If Ashi Ginga (Honyaki) wanted a fresh edge

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Sep 11, 2012
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I'm happily holding an Ashi Ginga Honyaki (Konosuke) 240mm gyuto in White #2 steel that I bought nearly 10 years ago. It's nothing more than a collector piece at this moment, but I wonder what would be the most ideal stone progression in it's use? Im not trying to flex on what I have, I bought a quality knife maybe a year or two before its rarity and value was truly known. But what I'm left with is a fine knife that sits on the knife block, unused. What would you use to sharpen it? It sits on the block as a piece of art, not a piece of functional equipment.

What I wonder, is, is there a proper stone progression that brings out the best of this steel? I have many stones, but this rare beauty sits unused. I'm just curious if Ashi had plans or intentions for his finest knives? I don't think that he wanted them coveted by rich people and unused, 20 years later. I have synthetic stones down to 10K and I also have natural stones, down to a Ohira Suita Renge that lands at about 8000K. I've been hesitant to use any on this knife, since it sits unused. The only use besides the occasional posing for an Instagram photo is it's annual use for carving prime rib on New Years Day each year. Otherwise, it's unused since purchased. I cant decide if I should just sit on it and admire it, or hone it and use it? Thoughts are welcome.