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SOLD Isasmedjan 205mm monosteel integral Gyuto (EU)

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May 24, 2018
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Vienna, Austria
Here’s one I will regret selling but it’s seeing too little use as I gravitate towards big knives now and don’t reach for it often and an unused knife is too sad.

This is a monosteel custom blade Jonas finished for me in March this year. It’s made from 52100 steel with a stacked birch bark handle and a birch wood Saya with birch bark on the outside.

I only used it two or three times so I didn’t find the need to sharpen it yet. It’s basically like new with just a little patina.

You can hardly see Jonas‘ signature runes on the left side due to the rough surface but they are there. Additionally I had two fehu runes added to the bolster to remind me where the biggest part of the money for the knife came from which was last year’s payout from the KKF fantasy football league championship 😊. These look a little like the knife has small wings the way they are engraved, I hope they aren’t driving away potential buyers 😉

I‘m asking 450€ shipped in Europe. International shipping is of course possible but will add a little more for shipping, if you are interested just drop me a line and I will send you a quote.

For any questions or more pictures just drop me a line.

Here are the specs:

Steel: 52100
Handle: stacked birch bark, 52100 end cap with brass nut
Overall length: 328 mm
Heel to tip: 206 mm
Heel height: 53 mm
Spine heel: 4.2 mm
Spine halfway: 2 mm
Spine 1 cm from tip: 1.2 mm
Weight: 219 g

And the pictures: