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WTS Isasmedjan Honyaki Cleaver

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece from Jonas that I was able to snag through modern cooking (original listing: Jonas Johnsson | Chinese Cleaver 190mm Honyaki | Modern Cooking)

190x85mm, 135CR3 blade and black ash handle.

I was extremely excited to grab this, but used it once and just didn’t really bond with it. Trying not to hoard knives so here we are! It has some very light patina, which is starting to bring out some really cool banding in the steel.

I paid about $930, I’m going to ask $900 all in, shipped to the US. International we can talk in the DMs. Thanks everyone!

Do you have any photos of the profile on a board?
For some reason I always struggle to take these 😂 but it’s mostly flat out of the heel with a gentle curve up. It’s definitely not a big belly boi


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