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WTS Japanese book -- "The secret of sharpness from the viewpoint of metallurgy"

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Aug 29, 2018
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Book title: 刃物あれこれ―金属学からみた切れ味の秘密

"This and that of cutlery-the secret of sharpness from the viewpoint of metallurgy"

Kiya Hamono Collab with Tokyo Mat Sci professor

$33 shipped

Selling that book. Pictures later. New price when it was published was 2400 yen, but I got mine for about 5000 yen plus shipping, which was $73 USD total. More pictures later. It's an ok book. . . Not as much stuff on kitchen knives or blacksmithing as I'd like, but it features shigefusa steel picture micrographs and hardness values, and chiyotsuru korehide too. Talks about different cutlery history and technique, but no razors, chisels, axes or Kanna. . . . Scissors and kitchen knives yes.

It's around $200 pages, and about every page or two has a picture

Translated by phone two pages that feature shigefusa, there were a couple other pages too. Book is almost booklet size.

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