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Mar 15, 2021
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(Instagram Auction 29/04/2022 18:00 CEST)

A masterpiece created by two of Austria’s most talented craftspeople.

A classic black etched Kamon 230mm Gyuto with hand hammered pyramid texture. Forged in high carbon tungsten alloyed tool steel 1.2519. The carbon steel is heat treated to 65HRC with a very fine edge and features beautiful alloy banding, aggressive distal tapering, and precision grinding, which give this blade an incredible cutting performance.

Reaching back to the highly facetted and ergonomic, removable (takedown) handle we have a set of bold, highly tapered and patinated bronze torpedo endcaps with incredibly detailed engravings by Philipp Mann of @darksigilworkshop. American Scroll, an ornamental design derived from the curves of a loosely rolled parchment scroll has been deliberately used to compliment the curves of Benjamin Kamon’s incredible mounted torpedo endcaps. The rear endcap also features a single leaf border pattern to emphasise the transition into the facetted grip.

This beautiful scrollwork is a traditional decorative engraving and has been used for centuries on firearms, edged tools, jewellery, silverware, armour, and heraldic insignia. The beautifully engraved, bronze endcaps, and a stunning piece of stabilised masur birch with deep red, orange, black and brown hues complete what can only be described as an heirloom piece from these two amazing craftsmen.

Included with the knife is one of Mr Kamon’s unique protective Saya’s

Kamon Knives X Dark Sigil Workshop Gyuto 230mm - Blade 1.jpg

Kamon Knives X Dark Sigil Workshop Gyuto 230mm - Blade 15.jpg

Kamon Knives X Dark Sigil Workshop Gyuto 230mm - Blade 17.jpg

Kamon Knives X Dark Sigil Workshop Gyuto 230mm - Blade 35.jpg

Kamon Knives X Dark Sigil Workshop Gyuto 230mm - Blade 38.jpg

Product Specification
Blade Type: Gyuto
Size: 230mm
Core Steel: 1.2519
HRC: 65
Blade Finish: Black Etched Pyramid Tsuchimi
Grind: Convex
Spine Heel: 5mm
Spine Mid: 1.98mm
Spine Tip (20mm before): 0.75mm
Blade Height: 56mm
Weight: 278g
Tang Type: Hidden
Handle Type: Bespoke Facetted
Handle Material: Bronze & Stabilised Spalted Masur Birch
Saya Included: Yes

Ill add a link here when the auction goes live on Instagram at 29/04/2022 18:00 CEST)