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May 28, 2017
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This is an old one from JNS, the chestnut handle is the one who fits best my hand so I am afraid I am going to keep it. The knife has been used, I put an average kasumi finish on it, has been sharpened but it is still in good conditions - in my opinion.
If you are a collector don't buy this, if you have never owned a Kato and want to try it, this is your chance. If you are afraid of the conditions send me a message I will provide more detailed pictures.

From heel to tip is 216-217mm
Thickness out of the handle is 4.7mm
Thickness above heel is 4.4
Blade height is 48mm

If you want a handle that comes with it I have a couple of options. Just ask when you hit me up, I will provide pictures, measurements and an updated price.

Price is 700USD for the blade alone without handle, plus shipping from Australia. I bought it for 700£ plus shipping.
Last time I posted to US only took 5 business days, 2 months ago.




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