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SOLD Kemadi bulat 247 w/ custom saya

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Nov 25, 2016
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Kemadi with bulat steel and a custom saya by Henry Liwerant. Long flat spot with a gentle swoop up to a low tip. Hefty and bold, it's a powerhouse. I am not the original owner, but I used it once since I received it.

247mm edge
54mm tall
403mm overall length
3mm at the heel
2mm half way through
About .75mm a centimeter from the tip
Weight is 227.5g

The balance point is a little ahead of my pinch grip

Priced to sell, $350 plus shipping


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The weight information will have to wait until tomorrow, thanks!
Care to elaborate?
Bulat, the steel this is made from is really like no other that I’ve used. It sharpens up super easily and feels excellent on the board. It’s also not super reactive so it doesn’t need to be babied the same way as other carbon steels which is nice if you’re looking for a line knife or if you don’t tend to wipe your blades off as often. PLUS you get this gorgeous banding the more and more you use it