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WTS Kemadi, Skye Eilers, Spare, Masahiro Gyutos

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Jan 2, 2019
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Nebraska - the other Oklahoma
I picked up a lot of knives (for me) over the past couple of years and am looking to make some space in my drawer and my budget for knives that more closely fit my preferences. If you have any questions or want more pictures, just let me know. I'm a home cook that frankly hasn't been cooking as much the past 18 months as I used to, so none of these knives have seen a ton of use or been thinned.

Kemadi 225 Gyuto (Sold) - $300. I obtained this in a trade a couple of years ago. It's a relatively heavy knife with a large handle. It cuts with authority and has some really nice banding. I sharpened it once (1k/3k, I think) and scuffed the polish a little bit. Otherwise, the knife is in great condition.

KemadiSteel - BulatHandle monoLength 224mmHeight 51mmWeight 246g

Skye Eilers Gyuto - (Sold) $260. I got this directly from Skye as part of his production series. I've liked this one quite a bit, I find myself going more to my RDG & Wakui in this size range. Excellent F&F, interesting handle, functional profile. Touched up, no full sharpening.

Skye EilersSteel 52100Handle G10Length 225mmHeight 55mmWeight 202g

Fredrik Spåre - (Sold) $250. Bought from HomeChef who didn't have it very long. I don't believe either of us sharpened it. The only reason that I'm selling this knife is that the heel height is too tall for my preference. If it was a 230x50 or so, I'd be keeping this one for a long time.

SpareSteel Unknown (1.2419?)Handle Birdseye maple/WalnutLength 222mmHeight 57mmWeight 200g

Masahiro VC 180 Gyuto - $90. Bought directly from Knife Merchant during my phase of seeing what 180mm gyutos are all about. I've got way too many knives in the 165mm-180mm range and this doesn't get much use. The steel isn't too reactive and it has a nice patina on it at this point. I sharpened the knife when I bought it and haven't touched it up.

Masahiro VCSteel SKHandle Western PakkawoodLength 181mmHeight 43mmWeight 163g

Photos to follow.
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Those Masahiro VC are really nice low cost knives. I have a 180 that cuts well, feels great, and just choogles along with zero drama.