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Feb 28, 2011
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I wanted to drop a note into the private forum to clarify and expand on the knife pass-around thread that was posted yesterday, also clear up any questions on the policy.

Some background.

One of our members singled out a maker and posted a "petition" to have a knife pass around started.

The team thought the thread was in bad form, and it could possibly create an uncomfortable environment for the knifemakers. While we acknowledge that the Knife makers and the vendors who participate here at KKF have their big boy pants on, we are responsible for the environment and feel of the forum. We felt it needed to be addressed.

We would ask that you not reply to these type of posts directly and if you wish to accommodate the members do so in a fresh thread in your forum without referencing the members post. This should discourage the practice and make it a less pressured decision for the maker to do a pass-around.

While it may seem a little fussy, as the KKF site grows and membership swells it could become a real issue, so we want to nip it in the bud as it were.

Where we stand now-
  • Knife Pass-arounds are seen here at KKF as- welcome, encouraged and supported.
  • A maker does not need to seek permission from the team to start a Pass-around in their forum or get it cleared in any way.
  • Pass-arounds are the sole responsibility of the maker, all details are up to the maker to administer.
  • Have fun!
As always, the team encourages questions and welcomes your feedback.



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Mar 1, 2011
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Thanks jim, sorry if this rocked the boat at all. Thanks again for having our interests covered.