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WTS Kochi 270 KU Suji (V2)

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Ryan Adkins

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Mar 26, 2020
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Greenbank, WA
Hello again!

Just grabbed another, slightly heftier 270 suji and I’m sticking to a “1-in-1-out” rule on these. Nothing new I can say about this other than that it feels incredible in hand. Best in the game handle, wicked nimble blade, and sharp as heck to boot.

Used it several times at home, not touched a stone.

Paid $300, and would like to get that CONUS ($350 INTL).

Drop: $285

Specs are, again, a bit different than the JKI specs. (Currently out of stock)

Spine - 5mm out of the handle, 4.1mm above heel, 1.1 close to the tip.
Heel - 36mm
Length - 273mm
Weight - 156g


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