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WTS Konosuke 240mm Ginsan Gyuto

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Feb 28, 2011
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Selling a pre-2018 Konosuke ginsan gyuto in 240mm. Shiraki-forged and Kawakita-sharpened wide bevel beauty. This is nimble, beautifully balanced, and in absolutely perfect condition. A superb cutter. Yew handle with buffalo horn ferrule.



391mm overall length
248mm machi to tip
229mm heel to tip
47mm height at heel

Asking $425 shipped in the USA.
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Are you sure it's Morihiro? I thought 3 characters meant Kawakita was the sharpener for the Ginsan. (Morihiro versions had 4)
I never thought I needed a wide bevel knife, but I bought one anyway on the BST, and proceeded to try to figure out what it was for. It didn't take long. I was slicing some summer sausage with it, trying to keep to thin slices, and was astonished at the thinness of the slices that came off the roll. Way thinner than I could do with anything else I have.

Now I think everyone should have a wide bevel knife.
With respect to Kawakita vs Morihiro-
Yeah, the prevailing information, from Kosuke, was that the blades with 3 kanji are Kawakita and the blades with 4 kanji are Morihiro. And this is supposed to hold true for all the Ginsan and Honyaki.

That said, I have found a couple instances where 3-kanji blades are indeed by Morihiro... so.. I can't state that its a 100% perfect rule.

I can say with full honesty I have enjoyed knives sharpened by Craftsmen, though. I have a Ginsan as well as a B1 Honyaki by Kawakita that are always fun to cut with.