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SOLD Konosuke.hinoura

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Dec 24, 2019
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Tsukasa hinoura ats34 245mm $1400
konosuke fm w1 dam 255mm $1400 - SOLD
konosuke fm vintage swedish 240mm $2300 - SOLD
konosuke fm vintage swedish 240mm $2300 - SOLD

All Bnib / Shipping within the Conus Only.. Overseas shipping not possible... Pp, Shipping fee included


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Damn, not one but two FM Togos?! It'd be cool to know how you managed to snag both if you're privy to sharing.

It's been said already but I agree with other Tanaka Togo owners that the steel is truly something special; add the classic Konosuke F&F and it's a darn special knife. GLWS!
Excuse my lack of knowledge
Is Swedish vintage steel automatically considered Togo reigou?
I thought it specifically refers steel from Andrew steel co forged from Swedish iron sands and imported to Japan I. The 1800s
From my knowledge, they used to be marketed as togo reigo, however they have switched to calling them vintage swedish because there is a lack of paper trail. However, Tanaka specifically has said this steel feels very similar to how togo should feel, so it's assumed that this is togo.

In the woodworking tools world, as I've read online in Japanese, there's lotsa vintage swedish steels talked about, some by name some by how they act (like blue or white or even tamahagane moreso), by the woodworkers who sharpen it but also thecraftsmen. So I imagine there's probably casual labelling of steel as on thing or another. For instance not every blade is stamped with steel in Sakai vintage ones included, just kinda of a casual trust thing. . . Even in Japanese blacksmiths in general there's hardly ever a steel stamp on knives

But uh there's lotsa swedish steels, and they don't all feel like togo. Its just this particular batch from Sakai I guess