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SOLD Large Semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae

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Mar 30, 2020
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Clearing out some space for some new acquisitions. Large full-sized semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae for sale. Exact mine is unknown.

Can be used for sharpening most kitchen knives, tools and for final polishing of wide bevel knives to result in a bright kasumi finish.

Easy to achieve an even polish as the stone is semi-soft, but not muddy. Great for beginners.

Polishing finish is around 5000 to 6000 grit.

20221120_182424.jpg 20221120_182429.jpg
20221120_182445.jpg 20221120_182512.jpg

20221120_175302.jpg 20221120_175356.jpg 20221120_175741.jpg

Videos of the polish are attached below.

The stone was damaged during transit, hence the discounted price below cost. It is stabilised using Japanese washi paper and acrylic resin, with no issues for use and will not split.

As with all JNats that are sealed, it is recommended to chamfer the stone edges after flattening to avoid the rare but occasional unintentional scratch when polishing wide bevel blades.

Dimensions and Weight:
205 x 74 x 45mm

Asking USD 450 + Shipping

Can be combined with other listings to potentially save on shipping.


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