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WTS (LAST) PRICE DROP Robin Dalman 216mm HSS1 Powder Monosteel S-Grind Gyuto w/Curly Maple

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Sep 23, 2021
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Brooklyn, NY
Happy Thanksgiving KKF’ers! I am thankful to have a bunch of weirdos like you who understand this odd obsession! This is going to be the final reduction on this one.


Purchased a few months ago from @DF18 here on BST for $675. I'm looking for $650 $625 $600 incl. shipping, fees, insurance. Will ship in the wooden kiribox in the photos.

Here's David's original WTS post with more photos and a nice video: SOLD - Dalman 210 HSS1 Rainbowed for your pleasure

And here's Robin on the steel:

High speed powder metallurgy monosteel. This is a "super edge holder" steel I'm very happy with to offer knives in. Noone else that I know uses this steel in kitchen knives. Somewhere in between stainless and not, it will patina but slowly.

Here are my measurements:

Weight: 218g
Length: 216mm
Height 60mm
Spine: 4.2mm -> 3.8mm -> 1mm

I have used it perhaps half a dozen times. Silly sharp and holds an edge like crazy. I have lightly touched it up and that must have taken care of the minute tip issue that David spoke of because you can't see or feel anything. Food release is excellent, as you'd expect from this grind. Superb F&F with eased choil and rounded spine that add to the comfort in use.

This metal patinas unusually. I thought I had somehow caused waterspots but I reached out to Robin and he said:

The waterspots are probably patina. It's not a stainless steel but ~halfway there so it takes patina in a bit strange way/greys kindof. You should be able to remove it with flitz, but I havent tried that product, I usually use autosol, but I believe they're similar. The tempercolor should be able to come off like that too. It's a light oxidation layer.

There is one small spot where the temper color has come off. If I were going to keep this one I would probably remove the tempercolor. It's pretty but seems a bit finicky. I figure I'll leave that to the buyer.

All around a fantastic, functional, and beautiful knife. Superbly balanced and the tapered octagonal curly maple handle is gorgeous and comfortable. Thanks for looking, any questions, ask away.








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