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Canada's Sharpest Lefty
Mar 31, 2011
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I came across this beauty today, while searching for a strop or materials to make a strop for a straight razor. It's cocobolo and measures 1/4"x3"x24". I see many scales coming!!! I couldn't pass up on figuring like this.

Thanks guys!
Pierre, let me know if you really want some scales, and I'll trade you for my rescue knife ;)
Eamon, a straight, and about three knives, I figure :D Great minds thnk alike, I guess.
Nice! Highly figured cocobolo seems to be kinda hard to find these days.
I cut this baby into three roughly 5.5" long pieces, one 5" piece and a little extra for spacers, or bolsters. They will be ripped in half and will only lose 1/16" max for nice sets of scales.
I tried to maximize the "niceness" on the scales, by choosing where I cut. Damn, these are pretty!