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A hub for everything we love. Look forward to it coming together.
This looks to be very promising Salty. Thanks for being a badass and value adder.
I like the idea a lot. I think it would be great to have an information aggregator for kitchen knives and other blade-related info.

I actually started collecting links on delicious (even though that site is dying). I'll have to transfer them to another platform in the near future. Anyhow, I was frustrated with forum search engines and how information is so easily buried in threads. Now that the kitchen knife world is fractured, I will start using it even more.

With that said, A good CMS website like that would be very valuable, especially if they highlight hot topics and new information. Sort of like a Food News Journal for kitchen knives.

Nice start Scott. You might want to fix the link to Fred's forum though :)
Can you repost the video on how to cut up the whole ribeye? I have added the site to my fav bar up top, it will get a few clicks. Good place for lots of quick info.
Thanks, I'm making a list. Two down.

The spinalis ribeye or cutting the bone-in steaks?
Spinalis, I was about to use it a couple days ago and I was out of luck.

I am going to repost alot of the videos. Some will be narrated. I just got my audio difficulties taken care of so I'll start producing soon. I'm going to narrate that one because of the background music.
A very good initiative. A list of links to knifemakers supplies would also be great.


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