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SOLD Masakage Shimo Gyuto 210mm w/ custom burnt ho handle

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Aug 25, 2020
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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Masakage Shimo Gyuto 210mm

Height: 49 mm

Edge: 213mm

Weight: 134 grams

Steel: shirogami/white #2 with carbon cladding

Handle: burnt/sanded/oiled wa octagon magnolia wood handle with black pakka wood collar

Hrc: 61-63

I've had this a bit over a year, only lightly used cuz so many knives and only so much choppity-chop, never seen stones, has been stropped a few time, at home only, no professional use, has nice patina and no defects. I burnt the ho wood handle and think it is really attractive now. It is nice and thin BTE.

here is knifewear's description: "Dubbed Shimo (frost), these 'cool' blades are said to resemble frost on a window. To achieve this, look the blacksmith uses a hammer with a raised ‘X’ on the face, paired with the sexy look of their hand manipulated Damascus finish. Combined with the white (magnolia) and black (pakka wood) octagon handle, this knife is visually striking with a superb forward balance. Shirogami (white) carbon is pretty darn great- super easy to sharpen, takes a brilliantly sharp edge, and patinas beautifully. Since the blade is not stainless it requires a lot more care, and is ideal for someone who seriously cares for their tools.
These blades are forged by Yu Kurosaki in Takefu Knife Village."

Comes with original box

Asking $225, CONUS, international DM please



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