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SOLD Misono Dragon 240, Ittetsu 240 white#2

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Dec 31, 2019
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Philly Suburbs
As I continue to try to reduce my collection enough to close my knife drawer, I offer up a couple of more knives. Both of these were early additions to my collection. At the time, I was thrilled with my work on both, which has made me reluctant to part with them, but I just simply have too many knives. The good news, is that they are both fairly affordable.

Misono 240 Dragon

Back in the day I wanted one of these because they are so freaking cool looking. And I have to say, when I break this out in front of knife neophyte co-workers, it always generates a lot of admiring comments. . These are mono, swedish carbon steel blades, so they take a nice edge pretty easily This particular one was performance tuned by a previous owner, and I continued the process of thinning it behind the edge. For a factory knife, it relly does cut pretty well. I rehandled this with some really cool stabilized spalted maple burl. It almost looks like granite. The center pin is a mosaic. I did the saya in walnut, with a streak of maple burl for contrast. For all the work that I have done on it, I used it very sparsely at work, but it did take on some cool hues. I cleaned off all the patina for the pictures.

Wt - 238 g
Length - 249
Height - 50
Spine - 2.25

Let's say $190 shipped in the ConUS including PP fees

Ittetsu 240 White #2

This knive performs way above its price point! You can tell by the choil how thin it is behind the edge. It blazes through thick veg! It is also really reactive, which is why it never worked for me. I am alas too used to stainless knives and am not good (or too lazy) at wiping down blades. This is one of the first handles I had ever done, and it's success is what got me hooked on handle and saya making. The handle is constructed from stabilized Box elder burl, with brass/g10 spacers, and horn ferrule. The horn has just a faint streaking in it. I cut the saya from cherry, and added some inlays of the handle material.

Weight - 200
Length - 240
Height - 51
Spine (at handle)- 3.3

How about $180 shipped in the Lower 48, including PP fees



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