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SOLD [Mods: Please move to non-knife BST, Thank you] Straightening stick

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Aug 29, 2018
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Zelkova kitchen knife straightening stick from Japan

Now $50

Was ( $65 I can lower the price a bit more but let's start here, where I lose $13 in shipping )

Length: 340mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: 422 g

First slot spacing: 10mm
Diagonal cut slot spacing: 6mm

This one was what I used before I got my Sakai made one made of oak, which cost me $115. That one is slightly longer, and the diagonal slot width is wider so I can straighten deba now. The harder wood also makes straightening faster and easier. If you could afford that one, I'd recommend that one, and can refer you to how I got mine.

I used the zelkova one for yanagi and gyuto, which it worked well on, better than trying by hand with a surface. . .

I coated the stick with shellac since it was very thirsty new. . . Untreated very cured wood that felt very porous like it would stain easily. Now it's good. Benn using it for a couple months.

I'd reccomend using this in conjunction with a flat plate, whether tile or glass, to really tell for straightness or flatness, as well as visually with a vertical line in the background.

This stick works well only in the thinner knives I mentioned. . . Up to 3mm maybe 4mm if I had to put a limit. Harder, monosteel will be harder to bend.

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