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Monzaburo White II 240 Kiritsuke with Koa/Horn handle

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Feb 28, 2011
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Monzaburo White II 240 Kiritsuke with custom Koa/imitation abalone/Horn handle. I was the original owner, sold it to someone, who sold it to someone, and I got it back in a trade. A beefy knife that is very sharp. The tip has a slight upward curve, which makes it easier to use than other kiritsukes. The blade road is almost flat, except for a little overgrind near the heel. Overall excellent knife that can get really sharp. This knife with regular handle sells for $295.

Selling with custom handle made out of stabilized koa, horn and imitation abalone for $275 shipped and PP.

Email at chazmtb at hotmail.com


Seems my pictures are not showing up. I will correct that by the end of today. Thanks, Bao