my take on a Sabateir

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Mar 23, 2015
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Oxford, MA

Random Damascus Pattern with 15n20 and 26C3 carbon steels.
This was a billet I purchased, made by Salem Straub.
The blade profile is my take on the classic Sabateir. I've done a few Masamoto KS style blades a well, the two profiles are pretty similar.
This one is somewhere between. Someone should really pick this up. Its ground as a mid weight ..not thin and flexy , its got some real heft towards the heel. The distal taper is quite dramatic.
The tip is very nimble. Have you ever handled a Loveless big bear? I held one quite a long time ago, i remember how the knife felt alive in my hand, the balance was surprising.
That's my gold standard when I grind a knife of this size.

Heat Treated and tempered to RC62-63

9-7/8” (250mm) blade length

1-7/8” (47.6 mm) tall at heel

.14” (3.5mm) spine thickness with full distal taper

Bevels ground convex

15” (380mm) Overall length

7.2 Oz total weight. Balance point between makers mark and heel.

One Piece Brazilian Kingwood handle with Copper Ferrule

Chamfered choil

International may require additional fees for shipping.

$650 shipped CONUS.