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SOLD Myojin 180mm Gyuto

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Jan 27, 2020
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Myojin 180mm Gyuto
SG2 with stainless cladding

I got this toward the end of last year. Used lightly in a home setting. The grinds by Myojin are one of the most consistent I've seen in a handmade knife. Very similar to a Konosuke FM, in stainless form. Lasery thin at the edge, modest spine with some taper. The SG2 takes a fine edge and holds it for a long time. The color scheme of these custom hybrid handles aren't for everyone though. I believe it's maple and acrylic, but don't remember exactly. The handle is actually very comfortable, waterproof, and does provides good overall balance though. Still a significant improvement compared to the generic wenge handle that came with my most other Myojin 210.

$275 $260 $240 shipped & insured within US (international I can cover the first $15, PM for details)
Comes with original box

Blade length: 177mm
Height at Heel: 45mm
Weight: 143g
Balance: approx at heel

Spine Thickness
Heel: 2.5mm
Midpoint: 2.0mm
1cm from Tip: 0.8mm




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The smith of the Konosuke FM is Y. Tanaka. Who is the smith for this one?
These are SG2 which is a powder metallurgy steel. The "smith" is not disclosed. This line of knives is by Naohito Myojin who is also the sharpener for the Kono FM line. He also has experience in smithing, but there's no info I've found on how much of this SG2 line is forged to shape or stock removal.
This is what I meant when asking, if he is involved in smithing as well. I understand the disclosure, thanks. Dont mean to spam your sale post. Maybe will create a separate post for this topic. Myojin is my favorite sharpener (for alot of people too).

Great knife with a fancy handle!

Good Luck With Sale!🙌🏻
I also have a custom handle that I had made specifically for this knife. It's an octagon siamese rosewood and black horn. The tang slot may need some sanding to ensure a perfect fit. I haven't gotten around to it, but I can include it for an additional $45.




One bump in case anyone wants this. I'm still a bit on the fence about letting it go. Otherwise I'll end up keeping it since a stainless 180 has been pretty useful to have around.