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SOLD Nakagawa x Myojin Damascus B1 240mm K tip Gyuto

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Aug 27, 2019
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This is a beautiful, new in box Nakagawa x Myojin Damascus B1 240mm K tip Gyuto. Edge length is about 230mm and height is about 50mm. Simply selling because I overbought. Ground beautifully thin and convex by Myojin, polished spine and choil. This is like a dama FM gyuto....but for a lot less money. This has a wonderfully figured ebony handle with a great marble horn ferrule. The only flaw of this knife that I can notice is that the horn shrank a tad, and where the ferrule meets the wood on the top facet you can feel the gap. Cannot notice this in the hand during a normal grip.

I have seen these listed new from between $650-$720 as seen here. I will offer a considerable discount to $550. Will consider offers...but am pretty firmish right now.





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