SOLD Nakayama. Awasedo (Fine finisher) - From Watanabe.

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Jul 2, 2013
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I purchased this stone from Watanabe a number of years ago as a razor and a high-polish knife finisher on the recommendation of Shinichi. The stone was described as Nakayama Awasedo - a 'finest finisher'. On razors it produces a very keen and smooth edge. The Kan (rings) on the stone are non-invasive and present no problems for razor honing. On knives the finish is contrasty and the core polish is quite high. Screaming sharp edge but still with some toothy bite. It is a hard stone but not unmanageable for users with some Jnat experience. The slurry is black and builds to a nice consistency. The slurry pic below is the first formation without nagura.

Nakayama. Awasedo.
The stone was mounted to a wooden base and both base and stone sides were sealed with cashew lacquer prior to shipping. It is a nice workable size and a pleasure to use.
L198mm x W67mm x H13.97mm
The pre-mount/lacquer weight of the stone was 570 grams. Based on use I believe it is still in the 550-560 gram zone.
Price: Given the time since purchase I suspect the stone has appreciated but I have no idea when it comes to Jnat pricing so I am asking what I paid. 400USD.
Shipping: Included to Canada and the ConUS traceable and insured. International: I am familiar with international shipping and the concerns of most importers. Please PM to discuss details. With an appropriate credit for what I would pay for shipping within NA a small package like this should not carry a very big premium going overseas.

Please PM with any questions/comments. Thanks!
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