Naniwa Snow white 8k and Metalmaster brand 5k (AU/SYD)

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Dec 1, 2011
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Hi guys,

I have two stones for sell that I rarely use:
- Naniwa snow white 8k, still full 25mm thick and 200mmx70mm in size
- Metal master private brand 5k, still full 20mm thick and 180mmx55mm in size

I have used these only a few times, mainly trying out the polish and refine the edge. Naniwa snow white gives very good edge, but I don't like its finish on jigane for single bevel knives, a little scratchy. It is probably too hard for the job I suppose, or my skill is not quite there yet for hard stone. The metal master stone, however, gives very nice even matt kasumi finish and a nice refine/toothy edge, but it behaves almost like my Arashiyama 6k (aka Takeno 8k); being a smaller stone, it does not get used.

I am trying to show the finish they give on my little muki mono. Finish for each stone is on the tip area, the heel area is just a reference finish that I did with a hakka.

I think $90AUD for Naniwa snow white 8k and $25AUD for metal master 5k stone is a fair price given that they are still in full size. Shipping within australia is extra, best is probably via 3kg prepaid satchel. Or if you are in Sydney, you are more than welcome to swing by and check them out.