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SOLD Nanohone 200 micron diamond resin stone

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Dec 15, 2017
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Went on a diamond buying spree and gotta clean out some of the excess. This has been used for maybe 30 minutes total, so vast majority of life still there. Don't let the nominal grit fool you, this works more like a 300-400 grit synth IMO. Will handle minor maintenance thinning but isn't my choice for serious bevel grinding. It leaves a very good finish for something this coarse though and would be a great stone for erasing scratches from something like a 180 grit stone or blending in scratches on mono from coarser stones. Also great for bevel setting on stainless or high-alloy steels. These stones couldn't be easier to use, a few drops of water and off you go. Never had issues with clogging, etc. If Hap offers up a 400u+ version or a series with slightly harder binder I'd be fully bought in on this line. For now I'll stick with the much more expensive NSK.

$95 shipped in the USA with original box, happy to ship abroad but we will have to work something out on shipping
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