Native American Indian Art. Finest piece of leather I have ever seen!

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Apr 18, 2011
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USA, Michigan
Hello and good day. I have a piece from famed leather worker and saddle maker Mike Bray. Mike is a Minnesota native and in my opinion one of the best saddle makers alive today. He also does some leather art. This pieces was made in 2008.

The piece is approx 12" X 12" and is on a back board of wood. This was carved out of a single pieces of leather and is such a amazing piece or art. The depth and layers that he was able to create from this single piece of leather is nothing short of amazing! The colors and details are rich and vibrant.

Please review the photos and im sure you will see why I say its the finest piece of leather work I have ever seen! The layers and 3-D carving is second to none!

I hate to have to sell this, But its time for it to be enjoyed and loved by someone else. Please MAKE OFFER. I need to move it fast even at a loss.

Any interested party's.. Make me a offer. Please send me a private message or email.

Thanks for looking and Thanks to Kitchen knife forums for allowing me to host this here for all you knife nuts and native american art lovers.